Healthier Options

We are all concerned to control our diets from time to time. Vending Enterprises has identified a range of snacks that stand out as being healthier than some, whether as a result of reduced fats, salts or sugars.

We are an NHS approved supplier and have worked with Hospital Trusts to provide CQUIN – compliant menu choices though our vending machines.

We have also worked closely with a number of clients in assisting them in achieving Bronze, Silver and then Gold standards in the Healthy Eating Awards.

In co-operation with representatives of Local Authorities we have introduced healthy choices in clients’ snack, drinks and fresh food machines; all of which has assisted them in gaining the coveted status under the Healthy Workplace Programme.

We work with schools, universities and other educational establishments in actively promoting healthier choices in their snack vending machines. The menu of products available for purchase can be tailored to fit the specific needs of the customer – excluding the higher calorie snacks for example. Schools, we know, have high standards to maintain in their policies on student fitness and we can help you achieve those aims.